N. Auction – Feature-rich Platinum Version Release

venkatesan | November 8 - 2012

N. Auction is a remarkable product from NDOT Technologies which provides platform for conducting online auction. The auction script creates an administrator login to manage the entire business on the website. The merchants can login into the site to add and manage their products for auction. The users have separate Login to participate in the auction to place their bids. The payments can be made safely using the paypal or credit card

Now, the platinum version of the auction software has been released which has multiple features that enhances the auction site. The site layout has been made impressive with exclusive design and layout. There are multiple free themes available to give an attractive outlook for the auction website. The listing of products categorically based on its status such as live auction, future auction, and closed auction are very helpful for the site users to locate their products.

One of the attractive feature of Platinum version of Auction script is the ‘Buy Now’ option. The auction site can act like an e-commerce site allowing the user to buy the products directly without participating in the auction. This can increase the sales conversion in the site. The Platinum version also includes SEO features to set meta keywords and meta description that can bring in more traffic into the site. On the marketing perspective, the banners can be handled on the site by the administrator.

The communication is best established with SMTP mail inclusion and regular newsletter subscription by the customers. The list of subscribers can be managed to send product-related information and auction updates. These updates bring in more informed customers to the site. The auction can also be spread with the help of social media. The users can recommend the product through the Facebook and they can earn Bonus amount which brings in more customer to the site.

Above all, Platinum version of Auction software provides 3 months free support. This new version release is expected to gain a good market with lots of features that can add value to the auction script.