Nauction – The favorite script for auctioneers and bidders

Nandakumar | December 24 - 2013

Online auction is one of the trend-setting improvement in the field of ecommerce. People were able to sell/buy the products through online auction without any dependency on place or person. There were plenty of auction scripts introduced in the market to build the auction website and one among them is Nauction script.

UnieAuction is a stable script which is basically a bid-based auction where user can buy bids by paying for packages like Gold, Silver etc. These bids are used while participating in the bidding.

#10 Highlighting features of Nauction Script

  •                 1. Autobid

The script allows to place bids automatically on behalf of the bidder until the fixed margin is reached.

  • 2. Ten (10) Bidding Types

Nauction script supports more than ten types of bidding types which includes penny auction, beginner auction, peak auction etc. The beginner auction is suitable for new joiners who can enjoy low bids with minimum low balance for first 45 days. In between if they win a bid, then are treated same as other bidders. Penny auction is the normal bidding type where the highest bidder wins the auction. In peak auction, the bidding will be open for a fixed period of time only.

The seat auction is a special auction where the user has to purchase a seat which has a fixed value. Only limited seats are allowed for the auction while users are not charged for placing the bid. There is yet another interesting bid namely cash back bidding where the winner receives the entire bidding amount while two other consecutive bidders get 50% and 25% of the bidding amount. Similarly there are many other auction types such as lowest unique bidding, highest unique bidding, reserve bidding, scratch bidding, clock bidding etc.

  • 3. Seven (7) Payment Gateways

The payment gateways are essential part of auction script to increase its reliability. Nauction script supports seven types of payment gateways which includes Paypal, Pagseguro, Authorize.Net, ipay88, Google checkout, CCAvenue, and iDeal. Split payment is allowed in case of buysell option where the commission amount goes into admin account and remaining payment reaches the user account.

  • 4. BuySell Platform

Nauction script is unique in the market since it supports BuySell option. Using this option, the user can both participate in auction as well as place products for sale. The administrator will get a commission upon the successful sale of the product.

  • 5. BuyNow Option

This option allows the bidders to buy products at the selling rate without participating in the auction. This is merely similar to converting the auction site into a shopping cart.

  • 6. Free themes

Nauction script provides impressive free themes that can enhance the outlook of the site thus inviting more customers into the site.

  • 7. Version

There are two versions of the auction script provided by Nauction such as Premium and Platinum version.

  • 8. Best support

Nauction provides best support for its quality script for nearly 3 to 6 months depending upon the version.

  • 9. Social media share

Integration of social networks like Facebook and Twitter add more value to the script. It enables better communication with the users creating social environment for interaction.

  • 10. 100% Source code & Installation

Nauction script provides 100% free source code as well as installation.