NDOT is in its 3rd successful year

Nandakumar | May 27 - 2010


First of all im thanking all of our clients, employees, friends & network to supporting us for this journey. We have came for a long way, still We are looking very long journey together. Its really tough with out you NDOT not with this place.

NDOT is now emerging as one of the top most web technology company in india. Our team is improvsing its elements with all new technology, APIs & Concepts.

Its really a wonderful day that we are in place & most of the clients are expecting lot of technical elements from us. Thats great thing that we earned in last two years.

Still i know we have to improve in lot many ways, that we already, always willing to change, learn as per trend & technology & your needs.

Hoping this 3rd year will going to be making of big technical rival for all existing ones ( friends ). Competition is always a very good factor to improve ourselves, quality & time.

Dear NDOTians, We are rocking & We are Going on the right direction.

Cheers again!

Thanks to all,