Ndot Launches Fiverr Clone

venkatesan | November 19 - 2011

“Fiverr “A micro job site hits the market in 2010, since then it is continuously growing bigger. Fiverr is a micro job website which helps buying and selling of services from other user for $5 only.

People can sell any service they are willing to do for $5 in the website. This created great response among people. People consider fiverr is a place where to earn some extra bugs. The $5 is not a big thing, but it creates a job market for freelancer and part time workers. Since the price for the service offered is low, hundreds and thousands of people use fiverr.com to buy the service they need.

NDOT is continuously introducing new products and service to meet the demand of the online industry. Seeing the big success of fiverr.com there are some other social marketplace website has been started and some of them are running their business successfully.

To meet the growing demand we have developed Fiverr clone script that has the exact feature of fiverr. It is a ready to install and fully functional script available in the market for low price. There is a big scope for this concept because these types of micro job sites are not yet started in many countries.

We have an experienced SEO team will help to promote your website online at affordable cost. Start a micro job site, promote it and earn money. You don’t need to spend your whole time to run this business. Our admin panel is user friendly, so that non technical person can also easily manage the micro job website.

We offer five free themes along with paid version. We give special introduction offer till November 2011 with free installation.

Please visit our demo page Fiverr clone demo

Know more about this script at http://www.ndottech.com/fiverr-clone-script.html