NDOT have shifted to the new office

venkatesan | January 19 - 2012

An embarking movement of Giant Leap in the mustering milestones of Ndot…

With a bright day sunlight, we entered into our new campus today, 18/01/12,Wednesday, situated very close to our old campus. The doors opened with the finger-impression onto door lock system. We were spell bound with the front desk arrangement which was very cozy and pleasant. The three-storey corporate building was all furnished with spacious cabin arrangements. We were enthrilled to be in a building which had 200+ seating capacity.

The systems looked brighter and fresh under the luminous ceiling lights. The cabins were rich with functional furniture. The new building had uninterrupted power supply along with high speed internet connectivity. The new building had best server management and administration. The industry standard fire alarm and extinguisher had its place.  The campus was equipped with 24×7 security system.

The perfect working environment setup eluded us to work effortlessly marking a lovely-day working in the new premises. Altogether our move to the new campus intuits a new success and heights to Ndot.