Ndot’s Christmas Gift

venkatesan | December 20 - 2012

With Christmas right around the corner, many of us are finding ways and means of adorning our mobile phones. Not only games, apps, but most of us like to decorate our mobile phones with beautiful and fun-filled Christmas wallpapers.

From the creators of innovative and interactive mobile application development, comes a new Christmas wallpaper app for Android mobile users. This ‘Christmas Wall’ app is something that can bring out and cheer up your Christmas spirit.

With a hot glass of chocolate milk and some homemade cookies, you can have a jolly time in refreshing your Christmas spirit with this wallpaper. The deep blue colored theme sprinkled with the snowflake-colored design will make you the reminiscence of your childhood Christmas times.

The jolly time you had as a kid, waiting for Santa to come down from the chimney with loads of present that you must have really craved for. The excitement and enthusiasm that you had while opening the present is something that you must have missed as years passed by, and this wallpaper is what could really make you smile and think about it.

An adorable Christmas that is filled with peace and fun is what we wish for and the ‘Christmas Wall’ is the symbol of it. Seeing the Santa carrying the bags filled with present and in his cheerful and jolly mood, makes you realize on how much you really missed celebrating Christmas. The fun time in hearing the Christmas stories, the lavish and mouth-smacking Christmas dinner; all these can bring happy tears to your eyes.

So this Christmas, reminisce the everlasting memories of real Christmas with glowing Christmas trees filled with sparkling stars and decorations. With the wallpaper ‘Christmas Wall’ bring home the holiday spirit of peace and harmony. Get to enjoy the holiday season with a wallpaper on your Android phone that shows the merry Santa bringing gifts and glory in your life.

Download this Android Christmas wallpaper application now  using https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gau.go.launcherex.theme.com.ndot.christmas