Necessity of Groupon Clone Sites

venkatesan | December 15 - 2012

Various ecommerce websites that are running using the groupon script helps in driving traffic to online stores, especially during the slack time. In addition to that it even helps in maintaining the proper inventory count, selling perishable inventory fast and building a customer base that is loyal.

At present only few merchants or dealers are aware of how much effective these groupon script are for an ecommerce website. Now what is basically a groupon clone or this so called groupon script? To put it in simple terms, the groupon clone allows to start our own ecommerce website based on the concept of group buying.

Lets us check on how these groupon sites work. To put it in simple terms, merchants place deals for specific merchandise and services on an ecommerce website at discount rate when certain number of people are ready to buy the service/product. If enough people select the deal, then it becomes active. But the number of deals will always be limited, so the ecommerce website has to have good marketing strategies to encourage customers to select the deals as quickly as possible.

In this groupon deal website, by putting a certain limitation on the deals like making it available for certain time of a day or for between specific time period, the merchants can divert a large amount of traffic on to their stores all the time. This is quite helpful for selling perishable goods which usually get slow traffic and sometimes end up getting spoiled.

From the customers’ point of view, the groupon site is advantageous as they can get good deals on products and services. Also they could try products of those merchants whom they haven’t known and even try products which they never thought existed. At times, this could lead to making customers loyal to that particular brand or product. So, it is kind of win and win situation where everyone wins by using the ecommerce site.

Frankly, to start your own groupon clone site is easy and there are many script providers like Ndot. By browsing the web, you can easily select the best and choose the one that suits your need as well as your budget.