News Feed – Facebook’s New Makeover Plan

venkatesan | March 7 - 2013

It is surprising to see the amount of changes and updates Facebook is starting to do. One of the recent update or you can say makeover is the News Feed. The basic aim of this makeover is to make users use the social networking site more often and attract new means of earning advertisement dollars.

As per the company executives of Facebook, they plan to make the News Feed as the first page which every user sees after logging in and also have more relevant content. Frankly, that is what the company CEO has said.

According to Mark Zukerberg, most of the advertising agencies want their ads to have huge photos, interesting and direct sales videos, etc. In short, the company plans to make the ads more engaging and useful.

Currently, the company’s representative have not commented on it and still an element of surprise is maintained on when the particular update will take place. However, it is really a tricky situation that Facebook has jumped into. Since the time it became a public company, Facebook had to go through various alterations in its marketing strategies. It had to make a balance between drawing users as well as ads which are the major source of income for this social networking site.

Indeed, Facebook is in deep pressure, since the time its share value got reduced from the initial value of 38$ to 30$ per share. Also Facebook has another challenge which is in the form of boredom. There has been reports which have stated that about 60 % of users have taken a sabbatical break from the social network and there are some people who have gone to the verge of deactivating their account. A clear sign of why Facebook has to pull up its socks.

In the effort to churn out some suitable source of income, Facebook launched a new concept where individuals and brands could create active likes and shares for their post by paying a certain amount. Now those who don’t make the payment, their post will reach only to a third of the people in their network. This clearly bought out a lot of criticisms from various medium and small scale corporates who felt that Facebook’s marketing strategies have started to become very expensive.

The surprising aspect is that Facebook is really losing its battle with its youngest users. As per various reports, teenagers have increasingly started to use Instagram and other social networking sites. Even there are individuals who have turned towards Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr instead of Facebook for social media interaction.

Frankly, this clearly shows that the iconic social networking site has reached a stage where it is trying hard to pick out the suitable contents to be put on the News Feed. One just hopes that the selection and the type of content that is displayed in the News Feed is quite intriguing and interesting.