Open calais-trend setter for semantic web

techie | June 3 - 2010

Free Open Calais service and open API is the fastest way to tag people, places, facts and events in your  website content.
Open Calais is free to use in both commercial and non-commercial settings, but can only be used on public content. Open Calais does not keep a copy of your content, but it does keep a copy of the metadata it extracts there from it.

The meta data gives  the possibility of building maps, networks or graphs by linking documents to people, geographies, places, companies, etc. Those maps can be used in order to verify if the website content contains what we expect.Meta data are used for tagging and organize  the tags.Meta data are also used to create structured folksonomies or to improve site navigation. You can share your maps with anyone else in the content ecosystem. The Calais ecosystem is exposed through Linked Data end points.

Linked Data  is the term used to describe a method of exposing, sharing and connecting data on the Web via URIs. Having linked data, we can find other related data. This is the Semantic Web, that includes interlinking data, so that a person or a machine to be able to explore the web of data. The main idea behind linked data is that we may increase the value and the usability of data by connecting it with other related data.

Open Calais can help you:

•    Improve SEO  ranking of the website
•    Improve search and navigation within the website
•    Enhance website content with free open data assets from the Linked Data cloud
•    Increase your reader commitment with higher amount of  personalization, ‘related reading’ sidebars, ‘more by this author’ widgets, search-engine-friendly ‘topic hubs’ and more.
•    Streamline  editorial processes and content operations to  be thrift with  time and money.

Open Calais is steering towards next innovation in digital media, and has the potential to inspire yet another special thing in the semantic web applications.

Once Open Calais is installed in the  popular CMS like Drupal, you can get excellent results If you want to get the semantic web applications through Open Calais, you can utilize the services of developers are capable of customizing your existing CMS so that Open calais can be integrated with it.

Let me share with you with some thing more about Open Calais in the forthcoming blogs.