14 Aug 2014

Study reveals that mobile commerce will account for 30% of global retail e-commerce spending by 2018, up from 15% in 2013. People’s attitude for purchasing has changed with newer facilities like mobile shopping. It creates an environment of convenience where user can simply buy using their mobile and shop from anywhere. Even the prices are also very competitive.


01 Aug 2014

Plenty of business mobile apps are entering the market day-by-day that it gets easily lost in the crowd. Only few business apps like Dropbox, Google drive, Evernote, Bump etc., have established themselves in the market. The main reason for this is the features of the app. The business app which provides flexible features shine in the market.


31 Jul 2014

The current working environment at any concern is incomplete without a smartphone. It may be used by the employees to exchange messages and indulge in social activities. If the same smartphone is utilized for managing an enterprise, then it will be the most effective way to keep the core work to be agile.


28 Jul 2014

This can support provide your critique reliability. You have in getting the viewer to purchase the product, no vested interest –whatever you might like to do is give them the exact data that they’re currently looking for. Charlie Shaw is the founder of SubmitYourArticle.


25 Jul 2014

As do your business grows so do your dependency of data management increases. There may be multiple mobile apps on the market, but the core information is stored in centralized servers. People rely on mobile websites to manage their business or even project their business on websites.


24 Jul 2014

The rate of SMS are fading out in the market as more and more social media emerges in the market. People are shifting from operator provided services (SMS) to other value added service and mobile data depended apps like Facebook, Whatsapp etc. Apart from messaging, the industry has also witnessed an upswing of using VoIP calls rather than normal voice calls over mobile.


17 Jul 2014

CRM plays a key role in organizing the data of your company such that your access for information is on the fingertips. It helps to build good customer relationship which enhances the sales by providing customized service. The CRM can be applied across multiple types of enterprises such as small, medium, and large size.


11 Jul 2014

Alas! Christmas is over and again the doors of hotels are wide open with a sigh to invite customers who are infrequent. This is the story of most of the hotels and restaurant during the off-season period. There may be less number of customers who may turn around for hotel booking during the off-season time.


05 Jul 2014

Smartphones have greatly influenced the buying pattern and the attitude of the people. Stats show that the people have started spending more time with retailers on the mobile which have made it evident for the retailers to convert their e-commerce business into mobile commerce. Long term mobile customers can be gained with best mobile strategy.


27 Jun 2014

By 2017, the augmented reality (AR) is predicted to reach revenue of $5.2 billion. The magic of augmented reality is that it brings life to real time images by superimposing graphics, audio, video, GPS data etc. The pages of magazine or posters can be scanned to provide virtual augmented reality information like recipes, accessories cost etc.