14 May 2013

Gone are the days when mobiles where used only for communication, today mobiles have multiple uses and application. Introduction of smartphones have made the use of mobile internet to be very common among the people. Mobiles are used for accessing the web which is handy for the people and at the same time quite flexible to handle. Users get connected with the whole world just with few clicks.


03 May 2013

Most of the mobile application development companies are looking for innovative means of defining their business. Well, the innovation doesn’t stop at developing their business, it even goes to an extend where the mobile app companies implement it in their products and services.


29 Apr 2013

It is important to note that when it comes to the aspect of business blogging, especially in the case of the inbound marketing, it has to fit right to the attract stage of the given methodology. Why? It is because blogs are the best content that make good social media interaction and they can be easily found by search engines.


20 Apr 2013

The social networking giant Facebook is really up to something. Well, for past few days, it has been bringing a lot of changes and modifications in its current system. Just recently, it announced a set of changes in order to improve the experience of users and to increase the basic possibility for developers of mobile phones to build apps that would integrate with it.


15 Apr 2013

This year is quite filled with surprises and one of them is the recent announcement from Apple. As per the recent developments from the Apple’s corporate league, a new and killer app is going to take the iOS 7 to the next supreme version and beyond that.


12 Apr 2013

Nowadays, with the availability of countless apps in Google Play and Apple Application Store and not to forget even BlackBerry and Windows’ growing application stores, a lot has changed in the mobile industry. Most of the mobile app developers as well as entrepreneurs need to consider a lot when they start creating and designing new applications.


08 Apr 2013

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