23 Dec 2011

People like surfing! They like surfing the internet, surfing the TV, and not the least surfing their phones. Surfing the mobile is more prominently seen than using a computer internet now-a-days. Mobile users seek for presentable desktop features.


21 Dec 2011

Storming the e-commerce world, social commerce has stepped in as the new but highly successful concept employed in marketing. Akin to any inquisitive customer who steps into a showroom, shoppers online are as curious to get to know the product better, before they shell out any riches.


05 Dec 2011

we are developing various mobile applications like android apps, iPhone apps, blackberry and windows phone apps. We have developed more than 50+ daily deals mobile application in iPhone and android platform with worldwide customers.
Also we have released few game application and fun application. Its running well in apps store. we are keep developing many mobile games.


23 Nov 2011

Our Groupon clone script “NDOT deals” is continuously dominating the market by its unique feature and after sales support. Another major reason for our success is, we have a dedicated “NDOT deals” development team who especially working on development of new features and add it at regular intervals.


22 Nov 2011

Ndot Reviews – I am Dominic Xavier from United Kingdom, Sussex. Starting a business is not an easy task for everyone in this competitive world. To start a business we need a lot of money and other resources. But the e-commerce business has totally changed this scenario in the business industry.


19 Nov 2011

“Fiverr “A micro job site hits the market in 2010, since then it is continuously growing bigger. Fiverr is a micro job website which helps buying and selling of services from other user for $5 only.
People can sell any service they are willing to do for $5 in the website. This created great response among people. People consider fiverr is a place where to earn some extra bugs.


04 Oct 2011

Simple steps to improve your small business using SEO and Social media.
Social media marketing not only produce direct sales and targeted visitors to your site, it also improves search engine ranking position for any keyword.
Google gives importance to +1’s, Retweets and Facebook likes. So improve your social media presence to increase your website visibility on Google.


01 Oct 2011

We are happy to announce that NDOT Fiverr clone product will be launched in the mid of this October. It has the same feature of and we will continuously add more features regularly.
What is Fiverr?
It is a place for people who can do something for $5. You can offer anything from content writing to singing a song for a birthday celebration. If you visit the fiverr.


22 Sep 2011

Why do you need SEO services to boost your business?
It is easy to create a website in few hundred dollars but selling your products and service through a website is not always easy. Customers will come and buy products if they know your website other wise you have to bring potential visitors to your website.