14 Jan 2016

Mobile technology is one of the domains that is ever growing. Besides, the market for consumer apps is considerably bigger than that of the enterprise market. But, the innovation in this field has never reduced. The number of mobile apps for enterprise are also increasing drastically. Here are some of the mobile technologies that we suggest will impact enterprise mobile development.


23 Mar 2015

There are some fundamental distinctions between Amazon and Ebay websites. While both are online shopping sites with nearly 200 million users, Amazon is a retailer whereas eBay is an auction site.
Fees and Charges
As an eBay seller, you can list as many number of times you can until you it is sold. After completing the sale, eBay charges 10% of the sale price on a monthly basis.


13 Mar 2015

Recently, in America and other European countries, the real estate market is not functioning at its speed that it is expected. It is also foreseen that it will be the same for the year 2015 too. Now, the sellers are at heels to catch prospective buyers and sell it at any cost. But the buyers want only at reasonable prices.


12 Mar 2015

Given the challenges faced in one on one sale of used cars market, dealers are paying hefty amounts on skilled salespersons as minimum as $30000 a year per head simply to handle clients. The used cars are sold after negotiating with the clients in a private sale and every year millions of used cars are sold this way.


07 Mar 2015

The anticipation in an employee adds only further looking for recognition, wanting to identify that their contribution is heard and acknowledged.


02 Mar 2015

Simply in a nutshell, building an online presence for your business gives you a lead over other competitors at all times!
Getting Started with a Website:
Google provides you with necessary tools to create a website of your own with very minimum time and cost. It gives you guidelines to improve your website and maintain ‘webmaster tools’ by signing up with Google. Visit


24 Feb 2015

Besides the great transformation in the mobile development for the recent years, the consumers have understood the various options available to choose from. It becomes your sole task to balance between the customers’ expectations with the right blend of organization or group that will fetch you with the right results of sketching an effective website.


19 Feb 2015

When we look at the top companies that are in the business today leading in the mobile application development, what is the primary factor that made them on the top ? Or is it one reason or a combination of it that makes a success formula? How are we to decide with respect to the requirements of a customer? In other words, how to find the right mobile application development company? Is it based o


13 Feb 2015

White Labeling is concept used where the company develops their products and services and sells it to third party company to brand and sell as their own. This is similar to building a car and selling them to another company and label them as their own and sell it themselves.


05 Feb 2015

Mobile applications are the compact software programs which helps to increase the functionality in mobile devices. There are thousands of user friendly apps present in the market which helps in chatting with friends, booking tickets on upcoming events, interacting with media and number of apps of different categories, each serving their functions. Mobile apps are split up into three categories.