19 Dec 2014

Predictions for the future of mobile application development is very much positive. University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) predicts that by 2016, the mobile app industry will grow tremendously to keep up with the demands of ever growing technology. About 10 million internet devices are expected to be in use in 2016.


17 Dec 2014

Promoting the mobile app is more challenging than building the app. There are millions of app in the app store and chances are there that your app may get lost in the crowd. An inspiring app marketing strategy is what is needed to promote the app to the right audience. Some of the effective methods to promote the app are discussed below.


16 Dec 2014

It has been long since the mobile industry sensed the need of a call-to-action (CTA) button on the Facebook since it became famous for the ecommerce activity. Facebook was able to fetch the ecommerce business quite easily but lacked the support of CTA.
At last the Facebook has launched the CTA on business pages which can bring in more traffic to the websites through the Facebook page.


15 Dec 2014

The mobile apps have become one of the inevitable part in today’s modern world. There are piles of app out there in the market. Infact multiple apps are available for the same solution. Then how could one decide on going with an app? Here comes the importance of app intuitiveness and customer usability.


12 Dec 2014

As patient base increases in the clinic, it becomes hectic to manage the appointment scheduling. The productive hours of the staff is utilized for patient appointment booking which slows down the activities at the clinic. There are also issues related to no-shows where the patient fails to visit the clinic for the scheduled appointment. There is about 3% to 80% of no-show rates varying.


10 Dec 2014

App store optimization (ASO) has gained its importance lately which has become very much essential for marking the success of mobile apps. The ASO is similar to SEO where the apps are optimized for best viewing in the app store. It is the best way to promote the app in the app store. There are billions of app in the app store and chances are there that your app may get lost in the crowd.


09 Dec 2014

There has been a tough competition prevailing between iPhone and Android and mostly iPhone overtakes Android with quality and standards of app. But there are still certain areas in which Android overtakes iPhone. The Android is one of the widely used platform in the world. Some of the benefits of Android over iPhone are discussed below.


06 Dec 2014

Mobile apps are the current trend and marketing them is an essential aspect for making the app reach more audience. There are millions of app out there in the app store. Your app may disappear in the crowd. Therefore it becomes highly essential to market the mobile app such that it stands out in the crowd. Some of the strategies for mobile app marketing are discussed below.


29 Nov 2014

The mobile internet users are likely to increase from 800 million in 2009 to 1.9 billion in 2015. This increases the probability of more number of people surfing the websites via mobile phone. Study reveals that mobile users will surpass desktop users before the end of 2014. The availability of 3G and 4G network allows the users to surf the internet via smartphone and tablets.