28 Nov 2014

Mobile application development is at its peak with multiple platforms to support development such as Android, iPhone, Windows, Blackberry etc. App development in each platform is unique with distinct features. One has to select the right platform to develop apps based on requirements, each product and its infrastructure etc.
It is estimated that 52.


26 Nov 2014

This can support provide your critique reliability. You have in getting the viewer to purchase the product, no vested interest –whatever you might like to do is give them the exact data that they’re currently looking for. Charlie Shaw is the founder of SubmitYourArticle.


20 Nov 2014

Relationships are the basis of any business. A glorified customer relationship management (CRM) lead to success of the business. One can identify the prospective customers to maintain long term relationship with them by solving their problems and guiding them at every stage with proper tools which leads to business success.


13 Nov 2014

Travel and tourism is a huge industry which serves the travelers with different medium to commute such as airways, road, train etc to reach their destinations. The biggest challenge that is prevailing in the travel industry is ‘booking’. People want to be sure about their seats taken and book in advance.


07 Nov 2014

Google Adwords is one of the favorable SEO tool used by most of the organization to promote their products and services. Adwords are paid advertisements which are charged only when a user clicks the ad to read, in other words it is pay-per-click option. Hence adwords are useful for generating leads. Sometimes, a poorly handled adword may not bring business.


29 Oct 2014

It has been noted that one one in four mobile app (25%) downloaded is never used again. I bet you don’t want your mobile app to be one among them. Each app should be unique and useful such that more people are attracted towards it. Some of the tips to make your app succeed are discussed below which help your app not to disappear in the crowd of mobile apps.


24 Oct 2014

PHP is a general purpose server side scripting language. It is very much useful for building ecommerce applications and other dynamic sites. PHP developers can be employed or can be hired on conditional basis to complete the project. Some of the advantages of choosing between hire PHP developer and employing PHP developer are discussed below.


16 Oct 2014

When it comes to software development all it cost is best efforts to understand the limits of dedicated insource developers and selecting the right outsourcing partner such that the project comes out in flying colors. Dedicated inhouse developers may be able to develop the project with their years of experience in the field.


13 Oct 2014

Website redesign or re-engineering can be one of the best option to provide a new outlook to the site which may enhance sales on the site. Redesign can either be a huge success or failure depending upon the strategy adopted. A clear vision regrading the redesign and its outcome must be analyzed to choose the best method to achieve optimum performance of the site.


08 Oct 2014

Animation and cartoons impress the customers more effectively than pages of description or flyers. The images directly influence the decision making. A study reveals that animated videos reduce the time taken to make decision by 70%. Among the 80% of video viewers, 52% have taken some positive decision or action.
Some of the main advantages of Animated video include: