Patient appointment mobile application to healthcare clinic

saran | July 27 - 2012

Dear Customer,

We are going to launch our mobile application product on next week called “Myclinic”, which is patient appointment application to all kind of health care clinic. It will create more relationship with doctors & patient in terms appointment, new messages about the clinic, appointment status etc..,

Patient can request the appointment from doctors from any where, they not required to go hospital and get the appointment. Our product gives perfect solution to patient & doctors. I have given the list main features in mobile application.

– Request Appointment
– Get appointment status notification
– Engage your patients with relevant messages
– One touch to Eall
– One touch to Email
– One touch to Message
– Add clinic contacts to phonebook
– Share clinic contacts to friends
– Get direction between patient to clinic
– Info about the clinic
– Manage the appointments & Messages
– Social media share

We are going to provide this product to all health care clinics. As of now, going to launch with iPhone application and android application.
Also clinic will have the basic website about them.