Payment gateway service intermediaries and APIs

techie | May 10 - 2010

Pay Pal is one among the universally accepted payment gateway.  The transactions are secure and hassle free. had worked as payment gateway intermediaries for Pay Pal, eBay U.SA. and Secure pay, Australia.

The customer has to submit  the details and there are intermediaries that work as interfaces to do the follow up.Generally merchant account will work with every payment gateway but not all type of accounts . You have to ensure that your chosen payment gateway works with your bank first. Few banks have first class  integration.
The online payment functions allows intermediaries to make annual payments electronically using the  PPS payment gateway and online banking services.Apart from accepting payments electronically, the portal allows intermediaries  to view and manage invoices and receipts. Intermediaries will send reminders on any outstanding fees.

Besides accepting payments electronically, the portal allows intermediaries to view and manage invoices and receipts. For added convenience, reminders on any outstanding fees will be issued online as well.
Payment gateway service intermediaries
If there’s a gateway you really want to use, make sure it works with your bank first.  Along those same lines, not all integration is equal.  Some banks have first class integration with some payment gateways.  When a bank has a strong integration, you’ll get access to your money faster, possibly better transaction rates, and better error messages.
If you are having account with a small bank then it is necessary to approach a payment gateway intermediary. Moreover payment gateway intermediary operations are carried out by APIs.  Only when the bank has strong integration, the transactions will be faster.
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