The Promising Future for Android Mobile Application

venkatesan | February 2 - 2012

Application development is an art of creating the best suitable to complete a task swiftly and easily. The Android application development has become famous after its usage in the mobiles. The apps are developed across different needs such as apps for games, business, news, travel, and much more.

Apps are developed to suit the platform of the mobile such as Android, iPhone, Windows, Blackberry etc. Android has an advantage over other platforms that the apps can be customized to the OS level at low cost since it is an open source. The Android SDK and ADT greatly help to develop applications rapidly. WordPress is also available with Android mobile to write, edit, or manage comments with built-in notifications. The social networking sites are now made accessible with the smart phones. The Android platform supports various facebook and twitter apps that bring liveliness on the mobile. Some of the best twitter apps are also integrated with the facebook application.

It is believed by the IT industry that the Android platform has the potential to become the best support for mobile application development. It uses most familiar Java, C, C++ for development that makes the programming easier. This makes the third party application development for the Android platform possibly simple. The best part lies with the testing. The apps can be tested independent of physical hardware. It also supports 2D and 3D graphics for developing animation.

It is highly expected by the analysts that Android will have booming market growth from less than 2% to 14% by 2012. The Android will have a better say in the market since it will be developed and marketed by all the 50 members of OHA (Open Handset Alliance) which includes companies like Google, Sony Motorola, Vodafone etc. The Android platform is promising a good growth and potential for the developers as well as user-friendly and cost-effective for the users to enjoy the smart phone.