Promising Future Demand for Augmented Reality

venkatesan | June 27 - 2014

By 2017, the augmented reality (AR) is predicted to reach revenue of $5.2 billion. The magic of augmented reality is that it brings life to real time images by superimposing graphics, audio, video, GPS data etc. The pages of magazine or posters can be scanned to provide virtual augmented reality information like recipes, accessories cost etc.

The AR is prominently applied for games by synchronizing real images and providing motion via graphics effect. For example, real car can be scanned and specific instruction can be given for bringing about movement of car parts virtually. The features of the particular real time image can be viewed by scanning the object. The information can be overlaid on the real world. Different kinds of games can be designed from arcade to card games.

The best part of AR is that it can be applied for mobile front. The apps can be developed which can assist in implementing augmented reality interactively. Study reveals that the percentage of likelihood of buying AR version of the products is nearly 135%. The value of AR products is 33% more than the non-AR products.

The AR can be applied across all industrial verticals including edutainment, retail, marketing & branding, construction, film industry etc. Your probability of sales can be improved by retaining the customers by providing rich AR experience. Strong concepts with state of art technology can impresses the customers. The Augmented reality brings liveliness in interaction such that more number of conversion takes place. Hence the AR plays a great role as advertising tool, sales tool, and entertainment tool.

Complex 3D models, animations and interactive solutions can be provided by AR with unique solutions. The deployment of 3D augmented reality has improved its popularity among the crowd. The 3D modeling is receiving more attention since marketers can carry the 3D demonstration of the product rather than carrying the product which increases the flexibility while producing tangible results.