The smartIBOOK to Publish or Read Books on Tablets

venkatesan | May 8 - 2012

The smartIBOOK to Publish or Read Books on Mobile Phone and Tablets

The smartIBOOK is an useful application from NDOT Technologies exclusively for the publishers that allows to post unlimited magazines or books on the mobile platform with easy book-reading facilities. It has many flexible features for the book readers providing a new reading experience.

The readers can browse the books available on the mobile platform and download the desired book or magazine for reading. They can start reading the pages of the book just like surfing a real book. The book readers can increase or decrease the font size for improving the visibility of the page contents. They can also use the zoom-in or zoom-out options for more clarity. The smartIBOOK app allows the readers to leave a bookmark while reading the book to return to the same page again. They can also share their feedbacks, interest, and comments on the book over the social media applications.

The smartIBOOK app is suitable for Android tablet and iPad application. The business users and publishers can login and use the application for posting unlimited number of books with each book limited to the size of 20 MB. They can furnish their company or individual information in the ‘About us’ page provided by the apps which can be useful for the readers to know more details about the company. The readers can also quickly contact the company using the ‘Contact us’ information.

The smartIBOOK is an excellent application that has high demand in the market since the readers have changed to the trend of reading the books via mobile phone. This flexibility of book-reading over the mobile phones and tablets has many advantages too. It allows access to the needed books at any time from anywhere. The user can easily refer the books to their friends using the Facebook or Twitter that is linked by the application.

The book publishers can make their books reach more people with less investment. Since they can publish unlimited books in one account, it is a real profit for their business while the users get the pleasure of reading unlimited books at zero cost. Thus, the smartIBOOK application is useful for both publishers as well as for the reader