The Quality of Android Application

Nandakumar | March 26 - 2012

Android platform is a real boon for the Android application development company with its open source nature. With the stability of Linux core and the vast library of graphics and tools, most of the developers tend to choose the Android application development as their flexible platform to develop innovative apps. The Android app store is outpouring with thousands of apps each day counting more than 2,50,000 apps on the market that has huge demand depending on the specific user needs.

The Android apps are available in all the categories including business application, travel, communication, entertainment, videos & media, health & fitness, games etc. Interestingly, there are also Android app maker script on the market which helps to generate Android apps without any need for programming. Thus the Android apps have established their easy reach to the public with its cost effective development.

Reports say that Google’s Android phones are flowing more in the market when compared to its most competitive opponent Apple’s iPhone. Still, the same report agrees that more iPhone apps are downloaded from the store when compared to the Android apps. Is there really any reasons behind this? As an individual platform, Android is shining with all its advantageous features while in the comparative market, it shows a bit of stagnant nature. Though no one can completely give an explanation to the situation directly, we still can find few reasons that are prominently reflected in the process of Android application development process.

Quality is the first explanation that comes to the mind of most of the developers who are in the field of application development. The iPhone comes to the market after undergoing various quality check with the approval of Apple Inc for each app published to the app store. The Android app store is open and flexible to allow all the apps into the store which may be even low quality in nature. There are many incidence referred by the end user who have downloaded an Android app and have just removed it due to its poor quality.

The experts in the mobile application development field also warn about the vulnerability of Google’s Android apps to viruses and malware when compared to the Apple’s iPhone apps. Though this may sound like an imaginary threat, there is a strong reason to believe that Google has wider market exposure earning more hackers than the Apple Inc. We can also view this on the positive side as the popularity of Google and the Android platform among the users which can help to promote the apps.

There are more number of iPhone apps in the market when compared to the Android apps but the Android apps steals the show with more number of free apps in the store for downloading. Even with the disadvantages of quality and quantity, Android remains the favorite of many Android application development company with rich browser capabilities of the platform.

The Google is continuously improving its Android platform with enhanced features facilitating the developers to explore great new dimensions in devising innovative apps for the custom needs of the end users. The future promises for a healthy Android application development provided the Android application development company focus on the quality of apps.