Quote Momentum to Your Organization with Enterprise Chat App

venkatesan | December 4 - 2013

It was Monday morning and bet no one wants to login into the system to startup for the day until a poster appeared on Stanley’s screen which showed a lazy banana. He knew it was Tom’s work who always nag him with great many colorful posters that can make anyone active and bring the briskness to life. They both chatted a while about their weekend and shared voice files (Tom works in 4th floor while Stanley was seated in 2nd floor)

The prompt entry of Ben with a ‘Hi’ on the video chat mode gave some alert notifications to Tom. Ben is the Chairman of Atlas Incorporation and he has great scope over Tom who is one of the dedicated employee. There was an urgent discussion with the client at Chicago and all were assembled right on the Enterprise Chat App. Guess what? This is the best ever app that an organization can have to bring in a collaboration within the employees as well as build a wonderful relationship with the customers.

On the meeting, Tom shared photos and videos of the product through enterprise chat app. Client responded positively by sharing the photos on social media such as Facebook and leaving his comment. The same message conversation was broadcast to multiple contacts who joined in the enterprise chat app. It was interesting while the client shared his location on the map, by zooming in and zooming out a restaurant indicating the time for a lunch break to rewind the meeting.

Tom showed his professionalism by storing the entire conversation history as well as taking the backup and shortcut for the conversation. Enterprise chat app is one of the best application which can keep the conversation ongoing in the form of video chat, live audio messages, photos, unlimited chat etc. Infact it is multi-platform support. Stanley and Tom used to share the same group icon while they had their own colorful profile photo. They also had their own status message.

Enterprise chat app is suitable for any type of organization. It can be a manufacturing industry like Atlas incorporation or a marketing company of the client, any enterprise can get benefits from Enterprise chat app which is useful for expressive communication. The boredom of doing a monotonous job can be easily broken by this application. It keeps the people socially active as well as pursue their corporate office work.

Travel industry can utilize the Enterprise chat app to maintain a good relationship with the customers and keep them updated about the travel tickets and booking. Contact with every customer can be established who can communicate using the enterprise quite easily. The location can also be shared on the map.

Enterprise chat app can also be used by education industry to conduct online education. Live classes and seminar can be conducted using the app. Audio and video messages can be shared easily with option to broadcast message to multiple contact. The administrator of the app can control over the students who are registered users with the unique communication platform.

Healthcare industry can use the Enterprise chat application to build good relationship with the patients, suppliers, and others who are associated with the functioning of the hospital. The Enterprise chat app is best suited for IT industry since it engages the people over the terminals. It can also produce analytical and statistical reports.

It is suitable across all industrial verticals like retail, ecommerce, publishing, HR, financial organization, Non-profit and much more. The features of Enterprise chat application can be applicable in different ways depending upon the industry. Hence, Enterprise chat application can act like best supportive tool to enhance the communication within the working environment and bring in better results.