What Makes Responsive Websites Quite Important

venkatesan | March 14 - 2013

The importance that smartphones and tablets have, is clear from their extensive usage. Not only these electronic devices, even nowadays, there is a great demand for mobile friendly websites. In case your core marketing strategy is SEO, then having a mobile-friendly website is very much significant.

As per a recent statistical data, mobile sales have surpassed the desktop sales, and in the near future ( i.e. by the end of 2014) the mobile search will overtake the current desktop sales. A lot of users have already claimed that they are more prone to purchase from mobile-friendly site, which has made companies that rely on SEO strategies to make the transition to an interactive mobile friendly site and excellent responsive website designing.

Choosing between a Responsive Website and Separate mobile website

This argument of choosing a responsive website over separate mobile site and vice versa is becoming a great debated topic. Even though both have their cons and pros, still there are various factors involved in it. Business priority, intended target, purpose of the website, etc have to be taken into account.

Why a responsive website is a great choice?

Now if SEO is the reason, then following are the points that support the importance of responsive websites.

Google Preference – Google feels that responsive websites are a great choice as they have a single URL and similar HTML, irrespective of what kind of device is used. This kind of makes it easy for Google to index, crawl, and even organize contents.

In contrast to this, a separate mobile website will have a different URL and HTML when compared to its desktop buddies. So it may require Google to index and crawl the various versions of the same website.

Single Website on Multiple Devices – The most attracting factor of a responsive website is that it can provide an excellent user-experience across many screen sizes and devices. Since, it is very much difficult to anticipate all the screen size and devices the surfers will be using to access the website, making it an exclusive characteristic.

The greatest difference lies in the fact that when a person researches a website on his smartphone, the same user-experience and interactiveness will not be present in the desktop and separate mobile websites. The end result is creating a positive user-experience that people always wished for.

Easy Management – In case of separate mobile site and desktop, you need to plan separate SEO campaigns. Just think like this, managing a single website and SEO campaign is quite easy than managing two SEO campaigns and websites. Basically, this is the key advantage that responsive website has over its counterpart.

Frankly, to enhance the user-experience and get the best of the SEO strategies, responsive website is the best choice.