Why do you need a Restaurant POS app?

Nandakumar | January 21 - 2014

Dining at restaurants should be a pleasure not a pressure. It is very common in restaurant where a waiter may not be able to answer the guest if a particular food is available or not as he has to manually check with the kitchen. There may be situation where there is clash of food availability. The long waiting of customers for food can be annoying. These kind of lag in timely information and supply may affect the restaurant business in a huge way. The restaurant POS app can be a right solution for the above situation.

Restaurant POS is the most entertaining app that can simplify the work of waiters as well as billing and payment. The centralized database updates the information in all aspects relating to order taking, food availability, order delivery, billing, payment process etc. The notable feature of restaurant POS is that it allows the guest to play games with other users using the iPad or their mobile until their order is delivered which keeps them engaging.

The waiter has to provide the ipad with menu details to the customer who can order the foods easily. The notification from kitchen will flash on the screen if any food is unavailable such that there is no clash of food ordering. The waiter has to simply take the order and notify the table to the centralized database which will be reflected to the kitchen. The number of customers at the restaurant can be viewed at any time. The kitchen can also manage the order easily.

Once when the food is delivered to the customer, the bill can be raised automatically by the restaurant POS. The customer can pay using multiple payment gateways like credit card or paypal. The order taken gets moved from active to passive mode when the bill is paid indicating completion of order delivery.

Feedback can be obtained by the Restaurant POS Software regarding the waiter, food, and service provided by the restaurant. This may be useful to improve on customer service. The restaurant POS provides multiple analytical reports such as weekly or monthly sales, most selling items etc. The advantage of restaurant POS is that it allows for dynamic inventory control.

Restaurant POS can be very useful to mobilize the activities at restaurant to increase customer satisfaction.