How Restaurants Can Multiply Their Business Through Mobile Apps?

venkatesan | April 22 - 2014

Mobilizing the Restaurant activities has greatly reduced the pressure for the restaurant owners as well as the customers who seek quality restaurant at cost effective pricing. The app allows the customers to get to know about the best restaurants in and around the specified place on the map. One can easily browse the food on the menu and order them in advance.

Benefits of Mobile App for Restaurants

  • Bring in more traffic during weekdays
  • Notification of offers can be sent across mobile
  • Customers can share their favorite food via social media
  • Increases brand awareness
  • Display of colorful image of food items on menu
  • Advance table/food ordering
  • Ways to obtain door-delivery orders
  • Keep track of orders
  • Flexible payment method
  • Feedback from customers
  • Store contact information of customers

Some of the main features of restaurant app are discussed below which help to build the business efficiently.

1) Book a table

The restaurant mobile app also allows the customers to book the table in advance from anywhere using their mobile phone. They can even order the cuisine to enjoy a tension free dine with pleasant environment. The food can be ordered about one hour before the arrival such that customers are served food on time. The chef’s recommendation food is also made available.

2) Inventory management

On the other hand, the app can manage food with dynamic inventory control. The food that is ordered or served is monitored by the app which shows the food availability. The number of customers at the restaurant can be viewed at anytime by the app.

3) Food ordering

The app follows the order taken, food availability and delivery, billing, payment etc. The non-availability of food is flashed through the app such that there is no confusion in food ordering.

4) Payment

Above all, the customers can make the payment via flexible payment gateways like credit card or Paypal using their mobile phone without any waiting time for the waiters to turn back. The tips for the waiters can also paid using the app. Every order taken is canceled when the payment is received.

5) Discount/Offers/loyalty

The restaurant app provides options for including discount and offers for the customers which converts them as repeat customers. Special discounts can be given to the user which can be redeemed on their next visit. This helps to convert the visitors into loyal customers.

6) Social media share

The app also support social media share. The customers can share their opinion regarding the restaurant, waiter, or the service on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter which spreads the fame of the restaurant.

7) Reports

The app also produces proper reports, weekly/monthly sales report etc., which may be useful for managing the restaurant business. It also identifies the most selling product to focus on particular product for increasing the sales.