The Role Mobile Medical Apps Play In Health Industry

venkatesan | February 19 - 2013

The considerable progress that mobile medical apps have is slow but a steady one. Not to mention most of the doctors and patients are using them as it gives a control over their work and health care. Every year countless apps regarding health care are being developed and introduced and this is a clear proof on how much importance that mobile technology has on the health care industry.

Statistics Proof

According to a report published in MobiHealth for the year 2011-2012, more than 3,600 mobile apps are available for iPhone alone. So one can easily imagine how much apps will be there for Windows and Android. Total estimates in present year could go up to more than 5,000. Also a market analysis was taken by Kalorama Information which is a part of the, found out that the market for mobile app was seemingly worth more than 150 million dollars in the year 2011.

This is a clear proof of how much exuberant growth that mobile application is having. Even there have been various researches which greatly point out the popularity of the mobile application among the users. According to a report published by Manhattan Research, it clearly stated that 62% of the 3,015 doctors use smartphones and iPad for professional purpose. Surprising, isn’t it?

Surely it is surprising as in the mobile app sector, this health care mobile apps only contribute to about one or two percent of the entire market. In the coming years this figure could reach to the tune of twenty five percent (possibility in the next five years) against the 23% growth of the standard apps.

Boosting the Usage

A lot of primary factors are there that boost the usage of mobile medical apps. One is that most of the health care organizations are opting for EMR (Electronic Medical Records). These organizations have now started using mobile apps for their health care related services. Various tasks like diagnosing results, accessing medical chart, insurance related information, etc can be easily done using a EMR app.

It has even given the convenience to doctors and hospital staffs as they have to no longer keep track of schedules on paper. With a simple touch of a button, these hospital authorities can send reminders to patients regarding appointments, and other things. Plus for the patients, mobile health care apps give the convenience of knowing when their appointment is scheduled or whether the doctor is available or not.

One app developed by a famous heath care companies helps diabetic patients to maintain their sugar level. This app recommends to the patient on the kind of foods that they have to take. Even there is an app called ‘My Clinic’ developed by a mobile development company called NDOT, which helps physicians and patients to manage their schedules. This app reminds the doctor as well as the patient when the appointment is scheduled and even cancel it. It even displays the medical history of the patient as and when required.

Health Conscious

In today’s scenario where there is a high rise in the number of people who are obese and unhealthy, a constant urge is there for people to remain healthy. Most of the people are either going to the gym or taking Pilates classes to remain fit and healthy. It has almost become a rage for people to remain healthy and slim.

Maybe that could be a major reason why people are so much involved in keeping up their doctor’s as well as Pilates class appointments. Surely, this has greatly improved the usage of health care mobile apps among patients.

Paperless Work

Now it is seemingly right that when there is a choice to avoid the huge stacks of reports or patient schedules, one would really go for it. Seriously, who would want to go back and start referring the stacks of reports concerning the medical history of the patient. Even calling the patient and reminding the patient about the appointment can sometimes be painstaking as most of the time it would be the answering machine that would respond.

Also it greatly reduces the amount of work that hospital staffs have to do. Not to forget the amount of time that they can save and use it for doing other work.

Health Apps becoming Doctors

One thing that is hard to avoid is the role that these apps take. As there are various health care related apps available in the market, consumers are getting the need to use them in order to monitor their health. There are various apps that are quite useful like a diabetes checking app which helps to constantly monitor the sugar level of the patient. Such app even informs the patient about when to take the recommended dose of insulin. So whether you are suffering from diabetes, food allergy, chronic pain, etc; there is an apt app for that.

Thus you can say that an health care app not only serves as a low cost source for users but is an informative piece on health care. It gives a chance to the doctors to improve their communication and interaction with patients. So it is no wonder that the apps are making both the doctors and patients more communicative.