Role of Mobile in Retail Sector

venkatesan | July 12 - 2012

The retail marketing is an integral part of supply-chain management. The retailers act as the mediators to fetch the products (or) services directly from manufactures (or) wholesalers and make them reach to the customers at different regions in the world with an included profit. This retail business had a favorable momentum when the internet was introduced with various e commerce solutions like websites and shopping carts. The customers enjoyed their buying power by using 24-hours online shopping with delivery at door step.

The latest medium that is playing a vital role in the retail business is mobiles. A recent study by Pew Research Center, 2012, shows that 55% of the mobile users access the mobile web. Another study by eDigitalResearch and Portaltech Reply, 2012, shows that 64% of the smart phone owners are using their mobile devices for online shopping. The mobiles are also used by the customers to compare the market prices conveniently which accounts for 54% as per the study of Wave Collapse, 2012.

All the above data synthesize the fact that mobile commerce is playing a great role in the retail industry. The use of mobile has given the consumers the freedom to choose their products without any difficulty of bargaining around shops (or) login in-front of the computer terminals to search the products. The mobile commerce is also profitable for the retailers to capture the niche markets in the local area (or) around the world.

The mobile commerce act as the perfect medium for the merchants to meet the consumers at their fingertips. A study by the etailing group, 2012, shows that there is an increase in percentage of merchant who are focusing on the mobile commerce from 68% in 2011 to 85% in 2012. As long as people entail the benefits of online shopping, there will be demand for mobile commerce.