Scope for Mobile Application Development

venkatesan | July 3 - 2012

Mobile application development companies are seeing their fortunes these days as the variety of smart phones have increased in the market. People are showing more interest in downloading and using apps for different purpose such as to play games, listen to music, watch videos, hear news, get sports update, chat with friends, share photos, search hotels or restaurants, locate hospital, etc. on the mobile phones.

The above mobile apps are developed uniquely for each platform such as Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Symbian, etc. since apps development for platform may not be suitable for another platform. Thus there are separate dedicated teams for Android application development, iPhone application development, etc.

The mobile application development company is also involved in cross platform mobile application development such that apps developed are suitable for other platform also. There are various technology such as Rhomobile, Rhohub, Phonegap, etc., that are used in cross platform method which makes it possible for the app to perform well in different platform.

Among many fields, the Android apps development has gained much importance. It is a product of Google with greater facilities of accessing the internet resources for merging with the application features. There are more than 150,000 apps in the market, and new apps are uploaded each day.

The iPhone application development is also an equally competitive platform as it belongs to Apple Inc. There are about 500,000 apps in the stores for download which is comparatively very high with Android. The iPhone apps are preferred for its quality while than Android apps is developer’s choice since it is easy for programming.

The competition between Android apps development and iPhone app development is much favorable for the customers as they get the best features introduced in every application by the developers. These platform are also mostly supportive for cross platform mobile application development.

The windows mobile application is not competing with other platform but remains as the commonly used application that are user friendly and preferred by the people for its simplicity. The Blackberry application development is also solo market holder with unique apps specifically developed for its mobile set.

All the apps stores have different types of apps under variety of categories such as business, communication, education, entertainment, health, lifestyle, multimedia, news, shopping, sports, weather, travel, navigation, games, utilities, etc. These apps are available as a paid service or mostly free to download and use.

There is a great opportunity for mobile application development in all platforms since people are daunting for new types of apps for different needs.