How to select the right EMR Software?

Nandakumar | February 26 - 2014


Electronic Medical Record (EMR) can provide life saving information at the right time by increasing the efficiency of work and extend care. It can also be very cost effective solution to implement the latest technology for faster access and quick retrieval of data. There are several hundreds of EMR software in the market that one may get confused to make a choice.

I have discussed below some of the prominent features that you can consider while choosing an EMR software.

1) Spot your requirement: Determining your need is the most essential part in order to choose the right EMR software. You have to check if the EMR software satisfies your functional needs like storing patient record, generating consult notes, handling lab data etc.

2) Enlist vendors: Segregate the list of vendors who have maximum features to satisfy your needs.

3) Research on vendors: Later you can make a small study about the vendors regarding their experience, their clients, cost etc and request proposals to check the feasibility.

4) Check Demo: A product demo can be requested from the selected vendor. It can be onsite or on internet based upon the project size. You can keep your technicians or other staff who may operate the software with you while attending the demo.

5) Sampling: You should be thoroughly satisfied with the handling of clinical and non-clinical features in the EMR software by entering sample data to know how it works.

6) Hardware requirement: Check if you have to buy any hardware to implement the software and ensure its feasibility in the budget.

7) Licensing: Check for licensing of the software and its capacity to support your staff strength.

8) Support/Training: Vital point to consider before buying the EMR software is that it should provide good support and training for implementation of the software.

9) Advance payment: Finalize the initial fee (mostly 18-25%) that has to be paid before implementing the software.

10) Maintenance/upgrade: Check for the maintenance fee and verify if the vendor will provide regular upgrades.