How to sell your non-movable assets via online?

venkatesan | March 13 - 2015

Recently, in America and other European countries, the real estate market is not functioning at its speed that it is expected. It is also foreseen that it will be the same for the year 2015 too. Now, the sellers are at heels to catch prospective buyers and sell it at any cost. But the buyers want only at reasonable prices. This gap may lead to piling up of non-movable assets for years and might to losses on the hands of the sellers.

What is the answer?

So, in order to move the non-movable assets selling at a quicker rate, our online auction software provides the right kind of support and technology to sell without losing your profitability. In this, agents can enlist their properties, prices in their website and bidders can bid and buy them online or directly based on the price quoted with the ‘Buy Now’ option in their site.

The seller can be an administrator user who has the provision to use different types of bidding can own the online auction website with full control of your company image. No programming, webmaster support but we install and provide technical support to it. The person who wins the auction can pay online or through cash. There are lot other features that are explained in the following sections.

The advantageous features are:

List your own properties as a seller or form a marketplace with various other sellers.
It is built to be configured on your own and customized to install as-is model.
Admin controlled panel
Auction listings prices like ‘Buy Now’ price for buyers

Benefits to the Realtor/Seller

Immediate access to property listings
Easy property management
Provide Offers, discounts and buyer notifications
Reduce employee overheads and salaries
Quick disposal of items thereby decreasing long-term costs and maintenance
Increase brand reputation
Spread over a huge number of buyers and quickens the sale process
Creates competition among buyers

Benefits to the Buyers

Smart investments on the part of the buyer
Opportunity to view multiple property auctions
Avoids negotiation time and process
Purchasing and closing dates are informed