How to Setup Your First Google Adwords Campaign

venkatesan | July 22 - 2011

Google Adwords is an easy to use platform for online marketers and webmasters to market their products and services. It is simple and easy to setup your ad groups and campaigns. Once you set up your first campaign and ad group, you can subsequently add more campaigns and ad groups easily.

You may create your Adwords account using your existing gmail account. Once you created your account you have to pay activation fee to activate your account. Now create your first Adwords campaign by following the simple instructions.

  • Click campaign tab to open the page and find the new campaign tab
  • Give a unique name for your campaign
  • Location & Languages – Choose the geographical location of your ads to be displayed. Select Country, state and city of your choice.
  • Languages – Adwords supports more than 30 languages. Select the multiple languages to display your ads.
  • Network and Devices – Select where your ad will be displayed from the list of Google search, search partners and display network and devices like mobile, desktop and tablets.
  • Bidding and budget – Select your bidding option by manual or automatic and can set maximum cost per click. Set your daily budget in the budget box.
  • Ad extension – In this area you can add your contact details like phone number and business address.
  • Schedule – Set the start and end date for your campaign and may schedule your ads shows for the particular time in a day.
  • Ad delivery – You can show your ad in any one of the three following options such as optimize for clicks, optimize for conversion and rotate.
  • Demographic bidding – Most of the online marketers don’t use this option. You can target your ad based on gender wise as well as age group. If you don’t know how to use this then you may leave it.

Finally save your campaign, now your first adwords campaign is ready. The next step is to create your adgroup. We will discuss it on my next article.