Significance of Patient Appointment Scheduler in Healthcare and Clinic

venkatesan | December 12 - 2014

As patient base increases in the clinic, it becomes hectic to manage the appointment scheduling. The productive hours of the staff is utilized for patient appointment booking which slows down the activities at the clinic. There are also issues related to no-shows where the patient fails to visit the clinic for the scheduled appointment. There is about 3% to 80% of no-show rates varying. Re-scheduling of the appointment is also very much difficult in manual method of appointment booking.

As a solution to the above stated problem, the appointments are scheduled via patient appointment scheduler which utilizes web-connected devices such as computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. The patients can book the appointment by clicking on book now button which automates booking without any need for staff assistance. Both scheduling and re-scheduling is quite simple,easy, and flexible via the app.

Reminders are sent to the patients regarding the appointment such that no-shows are reduced to great extent. The patient appointment scheduler checks the availability of the staff or resources and allocates the booking schedules accordingly without any human interference. The app also helps the patient to take medicines properly by providing pill reminders.

Using appointment scheduler the patients can contact the clinic with one touch call, SMS, or email. In case of emergency, the ambulance can also be booked via the app. The scheduler manages all information data about the patient in one place that it becomes easier to handle patient information easily. It also provides health tips that may be useful for the patients.

The availability of important resources such as arrival specialist doctors can be flashed on the scheduler which may be useful for the patients to visit the clinic during the visit of specialist doctor. It acts like a handy tool to keep in contact with the hospital/clinic. The patients can also have live chats with nutritionist or technical experts in order to clear their doubts. In case of ortho, the patients can view the live demo of the exercise.

Today’s technology supports GPS facility which helps the patient to locate the clinic on the map. Patient may take few minutes to book the appointment immediately using the app saving a lot of time. Also the booking is open 24 x 7 which makes it flexible for the patients to schedule appointments.

The patient demographics are recorded in the app such that patients are uniquely identified. The application is also in compliance with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) ensuring safety and security measures. There are multiple patient appointment scheduler in the market and it is essential to choose the right one with varied features. The app must be able to support future customizations as per the requirement of the healthcare.

When we consider the patient appointment scheduler app, the cost of the app is also one of the deciding feature to choose them for the clinical usage. Depending upon the size of the clinic, the appointment scheduler must be adjusted as required within the budget. The app should provide good customer support. Hence patient appointment scheduler holds a great significance for the hospital/clinic to establish a good relationship with the patients by serving them better.