Significant Part Mobile Plays in the Development of the Business

venkatesan | March 25 - 2013

In today’s economy, there is a thin line that distinguishes failure and success of a person. However, this tiny but impacting difference is greatly increasing and thanks to the development in the technology and the company’s eagerness to be successful. One of the best example for it is the mobile application development.

In the past, having mobile apps were considered to be a novelty that many business organizations had. True to the fact that most of the companies had done, but only few of them employed it in the correct manner and made proper use of it.

Most of the time, it was used to create brand awareness. Frankly, it is very difficult to wager about that but it was true that most of the apps were introduced into the market without any proper definition of how much successful it would be. But now there is a total makeover in the mobile application department.

There is no doubt in the aspect of mobile landscape evolving technically. Nowadays, there are various mobile apps used in devices and even operating systems than before. It means that no matter what kind of metrics you want or view, the entire mobile experience keeps improving every now and then.

Today mobile landscape and application is evolving financially as well as strategically. So no wonder most of the large organizations and even small business who have built the operations strategies and marketing on web platform as well as desktops are greatly feeling the heat now.

Previously, the path to mobile application and monetization was not clear. Many people thought that the only individuals who make money from this mobile application are the game developers. But now the path is becoming quite clearer for most of the business of various sizes and industries.

Trade analyst feel that by the end of 2014, there will be a great development in the mobile application development. An increasing number of organizations are creating apps for their customers as well as internal purposes. So one can greatly see that business have started giving more importance and understanding to the value of the apps.

The following are some of the data which have been received as per the market analysis that most of the organizations have done –

By the end of 2013, mobile phones will be the primary means of accessing Google.

Up till 2012, mobile searches have increased to 200%.

On YouTube alone, 40% of the view and 25% of the traffic is coming from mobile phones. This is a great increase of 300% in 2012.

All over the world the mobile traffic to YouTube will surpass 50% and it has already been achieved in Korea.

In short, with Google being the market leaders in mobile business models, you can easily assume that many companies who earlier didn’t take the mobile application technology seriously, will start taking it now.