Simple social media marketing tips

venkatesan | August 29 - 2011

Business may be big or small but they are having their own websites to sell their service and promote brands or to create market awareness. Due to the increasing usage of smart phones and internet, around the world people spend some of their time in social media sites. They use social media to share photos, videos, contents and all the interesting things they want to share.

The companies who have strong in social media presence can easily market their existing products and create buzz about their new launches. Major social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are widely used by the leading brands like Apple, Samsung and Dell to promote their products.

How to promote?

First you must create an account in social media sites like facebook and twitter. If you have multiple products then you can create a page for each product in the facebook page. Post often some interesting things in the twitter and facebook wall. Post some offer for your products at frequent intervals, it may be weekly or monthly basis.

Post some news about your upcoming products, launches and events. Create groups and offer some special discounts and coupons for the group members.

Some simple steps to do make your campaigns more effective:

1. Don’t exposure a link or product frequently because people may consider you as a spammer. Making your content interesting and useful is the best way to build interest among people.
2. Post and share interesting content that should add value to your marketing campaign. If it is really useful, that will be shared by your followers to others which will increase your followers rate.
3. Well interaction with your followers will leads to more business. Respond timely to the follower’s questions will enhance better relationship and trust with the company.
4. Continuously update with the latest trends and techniques used in the social media marketing. Find out some best social media blogs and follow the best strategy mentioned by the experts.
5. You can even post some articles in your Facebook page. Include your social media account link and fan page url in your blog and websites. People who visit the website and blog will click the link and follow you on social media sites.