How to Use Smartphone Apps for Manufacturing Industry?

Nandakumar | July 31 - 2014

The current working environment at any concern is incomplete without a smartphone. It may be used by the employees to exchange messages and indulge in social activities. If the same smartphone is utilized for managing an enterprise, then it will be the most effective way to keep the core work to be agile.

Mobiles, rather Smartphones, are influencing the manufacturing industry in many ways which indirectly lead to higher production and quick service. All the information flow can be clearly channelized via mobile apps which helps to carry out the functions quickly as well as cost effectively.

Implementing mobile apps for particular manufacturing process or for a cadre of employees can be very effective in increasing the productivity for manufacturing industry. The day may start up with a time schedule for a worker and end up with a delivery status of a machine. The mobile apps helps to monitor all the works that is involved in manufacturing industry.

Some of the specific areas covered by mobile apps for manufacturing industry are discussed below:

1. Time control: The lathe labors can be informed about the uptime to start and stop the particular machine using the smartphone app. The mobile apps indicate the time alloted for particular job and streamlines the work efficiently.

2. Work Schedules: Production schedules can be handled via mobile apps. This includes the procurement of materials for particular job and time taken to complete the job. The entire process can be mobilized with apps which can make the work to be simple with few keying on the mobile.

3. Stock management: The availability or stock of materials and their flow can be traced using apps. It reduces the clumsiness of relying on the paper-written stock details. Managing stocks on mobile apps integrated with software on computer reduces the time taken to update the stock and provide the stock details instantly.

4. Trace logistics: The logistics information can be tracked and can be optimized using the apps such that materials arrive at right time and goods are delivered promptly. The apps clearly show the distance on map and find the shortest distance to deliver products or procure stock.

5. Worker attendance: The attendance data of the employees can be managed easily. The managers will be informed about the absentees in advance such that they plan the work properly. Hence the time schedule for work and attendance record can be integrated by using the complicated apps which produce easy and manageable results.

6. Track work: Floor managers can track the employee work schedule effectively. The work alloted to particular employees can be traced using the mobile apps such that manager can keep a lace on the work schedule. Since the instrument (smartphone) is handy, it becomes easier for the workers to update the status.

7. Repair guides: Interactive repair guides via apps may be useful for fixing machines. The instruction to repair the machine may be indicated by the mobile apps step-by-step such that it becomes easier to handle the machines. It can also connect with the field expert to give advice through the mobile app which can solve the issue easily.

8. Safety measures: The health, safety, and other employee basic necessities can be monitored via apps using camera and location based functionalities. There are special apps for ensuring the employee health and safety at the working environment. Monitoring the facilities continuously can lead to healthy environment with options to report incidents.

9. Social environment: Interactive environment can be created among the employees with mobile apps with real time sharing of data. The communication established among the employees can also be useful to share work-related information as well as personal talks which can keep the working environment to be active.

10. Social collaboration: The various tools like email, contact, calendar, audio, video etc help to build a social collaboration among the employees. The workers can send an instant message or send an official mail just using the mobile app which helps to keep the momentum of the industrial environment to be lively.

Arranging a meeting or participating in a conference meeting can be made possible via apps. The details of products or service can be shared among the users of app. It reduces the burden of relying on particular connected system to provide essential information like marketing documents like brochures, quotes, work order, etc. Hence a collaborating environment at work spot using the mobile apps for manufacturing industry can increase the sales and enhance production.