Are Smartphones Influencing the Shopping Trend?

venkatesan | July 5 - 2014

Smartphones have greatly influenced the buying pattern and the attitude of the people. Stats show that the people have started spending more time with retailers on the mobile which have made it evident for the retailers to convert their e-commerce business into mobile commerce. Long term mobile customers can be gained with best mobile strategy.

Mobile app developers have contributed inspiring apps for shopping which keep the people engaged with their smartphones. More than 1.2 Billion people access the web through their mobile phone. Surprisingly around 15% of the internet traffic accounts to mobile shopping or mobile commerce. It is noted that every 4 out of 5 consumers use smartphone to do shopping.

The ecommerce sites are made available on the mobile platforms easily via responsive design. The site automatically resets its length and width to fit into different mobile sets using responsive design. This reduces the friction between mobile and web ecommerce applications. The main attraction of mobile commerce is that it is readily available for making purchase while the payment method is very flexible.

The smartphone users can pay for the online shopping via credit card or paypal or even by mentioning the phone number such that billing is made on the phone bill. It has been predicted that within four years, half of the smartphone users will be using the mobile wallet for doing payments. People do prefer the bar code scanning option with the coupons for making online payments.

The main advantage of mobile shopping is that it allows to compare prices before buying. Around 47% of consumers state that they use smartphone to search information regarding local stores. Nearly 46% of consumers look up prices on mobile before shopping, while 42% of consumers check the inventory prior to shopping. Around 60% of smartphone users make a purchase while they are at home.

The product research helps the smartphone users to be sure before they buy. About 41% of smartphone owners make a purchase from their mobile phone which includes 16% apparel; 15% food and beverages; 11% toys and games; 11% electronics; 8% home goods; 4% sporting goods; 4% books; 3% jewelry; and 8% other products.

The benefit of using smartphone for making a purchase is that it allows to find the retailer on the map using GPS/mapping app. There exist a great contribution from the iPhone development company and android development company in developing variety of apps that suit for shopping via smartphone. Around 43% of the mobile shoppers have downloaded a retail app.

The user experience provided by the smartphones influence the buying pattern of consumers. If the content updation is slow or if the transaction is slow then nearly 30% of the users abandon the site. If the loading time is slow then surely the response from the users will be negative. Therefore it is important that the ecommerce sites are customized and optimized for mobile. The success of mobile commerce depends upon the mobile app developers who develop optimum apps.

The best effect of ecommerce site on the smartphones is that it will create a brand name. People try to recommend the mobile commerce site when they receive a better user experience with well-designed mobile site. This helps the company to drive good revenue from the site. Hence smartphones have converted the ecommerce opportunities into mobile commerce via smartphones.