Social CRM for Effective Communication

Nandakumar | April 30 - 2012

Best Communication Platform for Businesses Growth

The communication is the basis for all the organization to run successfully. The effective service provided to the customers with proper communication can build a long lasting customer relationship ensuring business growth. Based on these concepts, the industry has witnessed the arousal of many customer relationship management (CRM) software.

Social CRM for Effective Communication

Mostly, the CRM software establishes a control on the project tasks and employee management to effectively service the customers which helps to increase the sales. The automation of the sales process is the objective for most of the CRM. There are many CRM solutions available in the market based on its applications such as travel & transport, energy & utilities, industrial CRM etc. The latest entry into this field is the social CRM.

The social CRM has revolutionized the approach of all the CRM software to include the social media for effective communication. It has changed the outlook of the business activities. It has made it possible for flexible interactions with customers.

The social CRM allows to:

  • Use the Facebook to promote offers and ads
  • Use the Twitter to buzz the opinions and feedbacks on products or service
  • Use the LinkedIn for interacting with customers
  • Use Google Plus to have a brainstorming sessions and video conferencing with customers.

Social media providing peers and communities is influencing the customers at length. Moreover, people tend to listen to the social media for product recommendations instead of TV commercials and ads on radio. The customers post their comments and opinions on the social platform which has now turned out to be the voice for the customers to reach the service providers. These feedbacks helps the companies to improve on their products and services.

The perfect blending of social networking applications with the regular CRM has increased the productivity of the business. It has also empowered the employees with quick information access to leverage the performance with collective knowledge. The possibility of online sharing of documents has also improved the sales intelligence. The availability of the needed documents at the right time with flexible access from anywhere, establishes an impressive communication with the customers.

The social CRM also helps to source the leads from the social networks. The sweet little Tweets allows to follow the customer minds and their needs. Listening to the people’s conversation on social media and analyzing them to relate with enterprise information helps to spot the potential customers. It also helps to predict the customer expectations. The companies can also contact back or respond to client’s comments on Facebook or re-post via Twitter instantly. Thus, the social CRM provides a unified platform to monitor all the media channels under one roof to streamline the information.

Basically, CRM focus on collecting and organizing the data for sales, marketing, and support. When this is combined with the power of social media for effective communication it gives the momentum for the business.