Social CRM – A Simple View

venkatesan | May 10 - 2012

Social CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is merging of social network with customer relationship management to help you manage and build customer relationship.

Business expanding Social CRM footprint –

Its the next frontier for organization that optimize the power of social interaction. Its a goal to make the relationship with the customer intimate and tied up to the company. They harness the power of online branded customer communities, By bringing the customer into your process thereby your business can increase the revenue, cost reduction and efficiencies. Strengthening the sales process with social media.

Now a days business are rapidly embracing social media not only to build virtual communities but also to create innovative thought, to improve the customer care and streamline customer research. SCRM enriches the two way relationship between the customer and business in social way. Its allows us knowledgeably talk to the people through tool of their choice, so control is more dispersed, customer defined and interaction focused. Here its customer – driven dynamic channel whereas in CRM its defined channel.

We can potentially identify in social CRM who those people with a need are, such that you can communicate with them to offer your services and log the potential opportunity. Can have a long lasting relationships with the customer. They offer so many benefits over traditional ways. In SCRM customer could get the needed information from the company 24/7/365. Which make us get still more closer with the customer. Social CRM a networked community with representative from customer facing function. In fact Social media are easier to measure when compared to other areas. It has moved beyond the management of customer, transaction and money.

Majority of the companies believe social media’s potential to reinvent customer relationship is so promising that they can aggressively forging ahead with ROI. Companies need to embrace this shift with a new strategy Social CRM to enhance their business. Well a great way to stay one step ahead in this competitive world.

Businesses can enjoy repeated business from exisiting customer in least effort.

Ndot is developing social CRM and palnned to launch in the month of June 2012. Our social CRM software will definetly bring good results in long run.