Will Social Media Affect the Education Sector?

venkatesan | August 28 - 2014

The era of computers has now transformed to era of social media because of its vast impact in every industry including education field. It is not uncommon to note that the children spend more time on computers playing games and use the social media to communicate with their friends. Kids learn the basic skills to operate a social media at very early stage which has also imposed the necessity to strengthen the security measures online.

The schools are also encouraging the students to catch up with school curriculum through social media. Students are encouraged to do activities to collect rewards on social media on completing a task. The gamification has become one of the best tool for the education system to create subject awareness among the students.

The YouTube and other similar tools allows the student to watch streaming videos of their teacher explaining the concepts which otherwise would have been a difficult task for explaining in regular method of teaching. Students can access the files at their comfort from home and complete the related activities which will demonstrate the concept. Enterprise mobility in education field has made it possible for the students to grasp the knowledge transfer more effectively.

One of the survey reveals that education sector is one of the early adopters of enterprise mobility to make the database and content available on mobile devices where 59% of respondents in the education sector have a mobility policy. The students are delivered with learning module on tablets even inside the classroom. A collaborative real time environment with communication among the students and teachers are achieved via social media where every student is provided with email-id.

The awareness of newer technology is prevalent among the students who know the basic operations of the mobility device like smartphones. New educational apps are developed constantly which keeps the education sector to be agile. The advantage of using smartphones is even better as it acts like a text book, note pad, word processor, calculator, and much more. The easy portability is added advantage.


The social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are connecting the people all around the world with instant sharing of ideas and information. The social media concepts are introduced at early stages of schooling with the introduction of Edutainment. The idea of fun learning has been supported by many educational apps that can be downloaded and operated by the students quite easily. Learn while you play is most applicable for the toddlers.

Students are made aware of social sites and develop the skill of exploring social networks. In this context, security is the most important concern that arises as obstacle. The students account should be externally monitored and special care should be taken to ban obscene sites. It is a know fact that games apps are vulnerable to virus. The online privacy should also be restored. Hence the fundamentals should be met such that student get a clean space for communication and understand the concepts more effectively.


Converting all the educational concepts as games being the primary goal, the gamification also focus on delivering school curriculum more interestingly with the help of apps and social media. Students communicate among groups and develop the skills more accurately. Today’s generation has never been remote from internet and the concepts of social media. Infact, they cannot imagine a world without internet.

Educational Tool

The advancement in technology has justified the teachers by providing them standard tools to teach the students more effectively. They can communicate with the students instantly. The flipped classroom allows the students to watch lecture along with study materials with pre-recorded instructions which will be uploaded on the web. Classroom timings are used for answering student queries. The open text book, internet, is available always to refer any topic.

Blogs can be posted by the teachers by flashing lights on knowledge. Students may be encouraged to comment and discuss on the topics. Social media allows to have open conversation across the world with global audience on real time basis.

Though there are few drawbacks in implementing the social media in educational field, the merits outweigh leading to a modern society that may leave good impacts in the education sector.