Social Media Elements – The Path of Social Media

Nandakumar | January 23 - 2012

Social Media refers to the new kind of communication medium that includes blogs, micro blogs, wikis, video, podcasts, discussion forum, RSS feeds, photo sharing etc.  Some of the famous social media include WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, Orkut etc.

These social media allows social networking among people through effective communication. The social media that is confused with social networking greatly varies. It is the difference between a mobile and a message though both are linked. Social media provides the medium for social networking. Facebook is a social medium which allows people to communicate and network with each other. The networking of people helps to promote further business activities or advertising.

The Social Media constitutes the Social Platform, Social Content, and Social Interactions, ie, the media provides a platform that has contents which is utilized by the user for the purpose of interaction.

The social platform includes Wikis, Facebook, twitter, linkedIn, Plaxo, etc. The social content includes things that people make and share such as photos, video, comments, blog post etc. The social interaction includes Events and calendars, SMS and text, email, status update etc. The social web participants keep track of the social content on the platform using the social interaction.

The social media has changed the outlook of the society providing tools for rapid communication. There is a mass strength of people participating in the social networking utilizing the media. The society is on the paths of great new heights. It has given a momentum to communication and activities of socializing. It has brought people of different race and belief under one roof. The participation of common people in all the happening around him has increased the quality of the final product and output. Social media has thus improved the quality of living in the society.

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