How to Use Social Media for e commerce Business Promotion?

venkatesan | August 3 - 2012

There is now almost nil e-commerce solutions which is not sharing a social media. The social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest is shared with the e commerce websites to promote the product or services to reach more customers. The social media has become famous almost in a short span of time, and it has the power to attract more people into the network. Since people’s network are the major concentration for any business or e commerce solutions for marketing and promotion, the social media finds a prominent place for running e-commerce business successfully.

The success of the social media for e-commerce marketing is based on some of the common business logics that are discussed below:

Recommendations: People tend to buy products based on recommendations. The social media provides the platform for the people to recommend the products. It is unsaid that people tend to choose the products that has higher recommendations.

Surveys: The social media can be used for reading the minds of the customers with the help of online surveys and polling. The product strength and success can be measured using this survey method, and people believe in mass polling.

Brand Name: The social networking sites can be very helpful to build the brand of the product. The products can be made famous among the public by making the product name common. A survey states that 62% of online shoppers are loyal to the brand for online shopping.

Identifying Competitors: The social media helps the business to identify their competitors. It can follow on the targeted keywords of competitors and the hot brands that the people are discussing. Since the social network has huge potential, there are chances for heavy competition in the market.

Promote offers: The offers like special discounts and concessional rates can be promoted in the social media which acts like a single vast medium that propagates the news quickly. The product promotion should be done strategically such that it does not result in pushing products. The e-commerce site may be having a primary focus to sell products but the social media should be carefully dealt to promote the product.

Selling products: The products can be sold using the social media where the product nature is such that it is not heavy or maybe too favorite for the customers to ignore.

Right Channel: There are many different kinds of social media and it is essential for the business to choose the right channel or the right type of social media to ensure the success on promoting the products and services.

The social media marketing has become inevitable for today’s business which is based on internet. The social media channels are not only useful for e-commerce solutions but are also used in all types of other business.