Social Media Marketing Tips

venkatesan | April 1 - 2011

Effective marketing is a big challenge for small businesses even it is start up or established one. I will give you some suggestion based on my social media experience to boost your marketing efforts. It is all are basic and easy to follow methods. Before starting social media marketing campaign you can outline goals and time to spend in the social media.

Facebook is an effective low cost marketing platform to promote your business. It has more than 500 million users and the numbers are growing every day. If you are not a member register it now. Register your facebaook with your company name. But you can’t your company user name in the fan page.

Before build your facebook page visit your competitor’s site and analyze every thing like how many friends they have, photos, videos and posts. Create a Business fan page to and make interesting post about your products, services and offers and ask your friends to join your business fan page. If you have a website, post your facebook business page so that lot of people will follow you. This way you can make better interaction with you fans or friends.

Twitter is another effective media to market your small business. But you have to make a post with maximum of 140 characters. It is easy to create your account with your business name. Twitter guide will help you to make your business page effectively. Once you are familiar with Twitter, lot of tools available online to make your Twitter account effective one. Post interesting tweets and new offers and service frequently.

Linkedin is most successful business network site for professionals. Recreate your account with your business name and look at your competitor’s page to analyze them. You can encourage your clients and vendors to post opinion about you products and service on your profile. It will definitely attract new customers.

Find some related groups to your business and participate in the discussion. Post answers if you can and make yourself as a skilled person in the specific area or subject. Even you can start your own discussion group if you are not interested with the existing groups.

Follow the above simple methods to promote your small business. Look for more tips in future.