Social Media Strategies for Global Ecommerce Business

venkatesan | September 24 - 2014

Social media is not new to today’s ecommerce business since social networks are playing a key role in promoting the products across different horizons. People share their thoughts and exchange reviews which may be useful for promoting the products on ecommerce site. Some of the strategies that can be adopted for implementing social media for global ecommerce business are discussed below.

Encourage social interaction on the site

The customers may be encouraged to submit a comment or rate the site or review the products on the ecommerce site. This may keep the customers engaged with the site. It also ensures repeat customer since the customer may return to the site when there is a response to his comment. For a global presence where the site supports multiple language, the social interactions can be encouraged in different languages as specific to the customer such that it builds a strong relationship among the customer and the ecommerce site.

Add a blog

Blogs can be helpful to keep the site active provided the blogs are standard one. The blogs can be a medium to educate the end user. If the blogs are useful and interesting then customers may refer back to the site again and again to get updates. User can participate in blog commenting which may lead to meaningful interactions.

Integrate social media

Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can be integrated with the site such that user can feel free to recommend the products on social media. Widgets from popular social websites can be integrated with the site. User may be interested in cross-posting customer’s comment in Facebook for which permission can be sought. The ecommerce products may be introduced to the customer’s personal networking which can increase the potential buying on the site.

Language barrier

For global ecommerce, confronting multiple languages is a must. If you are concentrating on selling products to Spain and you have only English-only website then the communication is impossible leading to less sales. On the other hand, the company can hold different accounts for different languages and communicate the information properly. Tweets can be sent in multiple languages to effectively reach the end user. Different social media account can be managed for different countries or location. This has its own benefit and drawbacks. Maintaining multiple accounts for niche market may be a problem. But more ids then more effective communication would be.

Manage Complaints

Though the company may plan a separate complaint channel, people may tend to post their comments on the main social media id which may affect the business. These issues can be best sorted by replying and reaching the customers to nullify the problem. Displaying the contact information in case of complaints can be prominently displayed which may also reduce the problem.

Framing Social Messages

When going on towards a global ecommerce, extra attention should be taken care of the cultural sensitivities and different audiences. The message that is good for one may be offensive for another. Care should be taken to compose messages. Template messages may not be useful at all times. One has to ensure the interpretation of scheduled messages that is valid with the time. People prefer to view messages at their comfort rather than when you like to publish. A social media desk person may be a solution for this issue. Copy pasting exact message on multiple platforms may lead to negative remarks. Messaging constantly through one id can allow the customer to follow the same id for further references.

Multiple Social Media

Facebook and Twitter are most famous social media. But there are also other social media like Pinterest, Quora, and Youtube which may be equally good to promote the business. It is also recommended not to start conversation on multiple media that you are unable to identify your efforts. It is highly recommended that you try to establish rapport with the clients using Facebook and Twitter and later on move on to other networks.

Think Local

People may be interested to hear more on what is happening in their place such as local holidays, celebration etc. So make sure that audience are focused. The efforts put from your side must be measured to see the effectiveness of the social media.

The global ecommerce business can be made more effective with the usage of social presence which may help to communicate with the right audience at the right time with right message.