Social networking algorithms and online marketing

techie | June 19 - 2010

Normal advertising is a costly process and only big companies can afford that. But online marketing is easier and more effective. Social networking is easier because the reach and popularity are the current trends that make interactive communication and word of mouth from the peers. Social Networking Potential (SNP) is a numeric coefficient, derived through algorithms to represent both the size of an individual’s social network and their ability to influence that network. Peers are known as the Alpha User, a person with a high SNP. SNP coefficients have two primary functions: the classification of individuals based on their Social Networking Potential, and the weighting of respondents in quantitative marketing research studies.
By calculating the SNP of respondents and by targeting High SNP respondents, the strength and relevance of quantitative marketing research used to drive viral marketing strategies is enhanced.
an individual’s SNP is  calculated using Variables .These variables are:
• participation in Social Networking activities, group memberships, leadership roles
• recognition, publication/editing/contributing to non-electronic media,
• publication/editing/contributing to electronic media (websites, blogs),
• Frequency of past distribution of information within their social network.
Social network analysis is a new research field in data mining. The clustering in social network analysis is different from traditional clustering. It requires grouping objects into classes based on their links as well as their attributes. While traditional clustering algorithms group objects only based on objects’ similarity, and it can’t be applied to social network analysis. Using the basis of BSP (business system planning) clustering algorithm, a social network clustering analysis algorithm is proposed. This algorithm, different from traditional clustering algorithms, can group objects in a social network into different classes. These different classes are based on their links and it identifies relation among classes. It is easy to isolate Alpha Users and identified, and even targeted for viral advertising purposes through mobile phone networks. Mobile phones are considered to be personal. has got the experience in online marketing and analytics. As a business consulting firm we will be able to suggest the best online marketing strategy to suit the customer requirements. Starting from the quantitative marketing research studies, we will be able to design and develop social media marketing campaigns.