Social networking using elgg platform

Nandakumar | April 29 - 2009

Comparision elgg & others

Elgg is more reliable, having lots of plugin functionalities. They are providing API plugins to add functions / modules into it. i feel that is their greatest value added thing.

Other than that, elgg is fine, but compare with some other opensource platform they dont have more services.

If you are looking for a readymade services, elgg is not a good choice. But if you looking for a platform to build on, elgg is really good choice.

Installing elgg

Follow the guide, how to install elgg

Customization of elgg platform

Get the expert guy in elgg, do the customization whatever you want. as i told you in the start, elgg is having lots of features, lots of customization options. You can develop or add any plugins, applications into elgg platform.

Issues with elgg

i. elgg is bit slow

ii. elgg is not good for beginners

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