What’s Special About Nauction?

venkatesan | April 8 - 2013

If you have an eye for details or for products that even though are expensive, but still can be within the budgetary constraint that you have, then check out the Nauction software of NDOT Technologies. Truly, a reliable and quality script, that can help you to get a constant inflow of users to your website and make them take part in the auction procedure.

How is it possible? Simply put it straight, there are a lot of engaging features and that is something that you need to check out. Firstly, the latest feature that the Nauction has is the appealing and eye-catching themes. Unlike the other auction websites which have a standard theme, the Nauction software will provide you with themes that not only looks great but gives an entirely new dimension to your website.

If you thought that the ravishing themes are the only worthy features, then you are wrong. One particular feature that you would really like is the future auction, where you can know about the products that will bid the next day. Not only you would get the name of the product, but also its entire information along with the time when the bidding starts. Plus there is the watch list feature where one can watch a product carefully.

This watch list feature helps a person to keep a tab on the product and use that information for future reference or analysis. In addition to that there is the buy now feature where rather than going for bidding, a user can buy a product at the given market price.

Along with these set of features, there are other host of features which act as a good source of marketing. At times when you want to inform the user about a recent product launch or a special bidding feature, the best way to do it is using email and newsletter. The auction scripts will regularly send emails and newsletters to the user to keep them updated about the events happening on the website.

Also there is the referral program where one can refer people through social networking sites and get bonus points. Also you can create brand awareness about products and get more members to join the auction site. Social media references are a great way to reach a larger audience and entice them to take part in the bidding procedure.

Frankly, to put it in simple words, the Nauction script helps one to conduct online auction in a secured platform.