Strategy Behind Promoting the Mobile Apps

venkatesan | July 12 - 2013

If you keep a race between mobile website and mobile app, then naturally the winner of the show would be mobile apps. The simple reason behind is its reach to the end user. Recent studies reveal that smartphone users spent 87% of their time browsing mobile apps and iPad users spent 76% of their time on mobile apps. It becomes evident that a company should focus on the potential that can be explored through the mobile medium.

The contents should be mobilized with responsive websites, mobile apps, or via other social media such that when end user makes a search, the information popups to meet their need. Some of the strategical points that can be considered for attracting the target mobile audience are discussed below.

Sketch the data lines to be simple

1. Crisp information: When we are converting a website information into a mobile app, one should be clear about which data is important. The user should be able to grasp the content on the go covering the critical information.
2. Understand user need: The mobile app should be able to spot the user need with minimal number of steps or query such that we can provide customized solution.
3. Contact details: One of the main aspect that should be considered while devising the mobile apps is to include the proper contact information like website link, email, address, phone number etc which will convince the customer to believe and push instinct to buy.

Motivate users to download the app

1. Place Ad: Mobile app can be branded with consistent advertisement on websites and blogs
2. Communication: Mobile apps can be referred in all the communication with the customers like in email, newsletter, receipts etc to promote it effectively
3. Social media: This is one of the best medium of today’s generation. The promotional information like why one needs to buy the app can be bought into conversation in social media. Users can also be encouraged to use social sharing buttons. Social media advertising can also be done.
4. Call-to-action: The signature file on email can act as best medium to bring customers
5. Printed media: Users can be reached via printed manuals, lablels etc

Encourage customers to use the mobile app

1. Pass information: Details about the app can be sent regularly to the customer
2. Continuous update: Any user will like regular updates on the product
3. Incentives: Customer can be encouraged via providing incentives over completing a task

The increasing number of mobile apps on the app store has led to a situation where there is pressing need for promoting the mobile apps in all means to reach the customer effectively. Mobile apps have more demand than mobile website since people seek information in a capsule. Thus it is essential to outline tailor-made information that can be grasped at a glance by the audience.