16 Jan 2013

Blackberry has scored all these days in the market with few of its exclusive features such as QWERTY physical keyboard. But, the entry of touch screen mobiles and smartphones made a huge impact on Blackberry Rim causing a great fall down in the market. Now Blackberry is taking a new form of re-entry into the market with multiple features that is highly expected in the market.


07 Jan 2013

A new technology is entering the market and we are all set & ready to welcome it with our diligence to operate it. Blackberry 10, which is arriving lately into the market, is an open platform that supports for application development with wide market for the apps.


04 Jan 2013

BlackBerry 10 is shortly going to enter into the market which has created huge expectation among the BlackBerry lovers. Fast browsing capabilities, tiled galleries, sharing of social networks are some of the anticipated features that is keeping the market agile. BlackBerry 10 is promising its end users for an effortless typing experience with a touchscreen keyboard.


17 Dec 2012

Among the various mobile application development platforms that you have seen and used, blackberry has risen to the topmost place in the IT industry, especially the blackberry application development. Surely it is hard to ignore the fact that the blackberry application development has been the most commonly used and the highly demanded app as it is highly and efficiently designed.


05 Dec 2011

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