17 Jul 2014

CRM plays a key role in organizing the data of your company such that your access for information is on the fingertips. It helps to build good customer relationship which enhances the sales by providing customized service. The CRM can be applied across multiple types of enterprises such as small, medium, and large size.


05 Dec 2012

These days, one of the hottest software in the market has to be the CRM. As per various analyst firms, the total spending in CRM application software is going to be increasing every year. Firms who purchase the CRM application software are always on the look out of better CRM applications that could cater to their needs.


20 Oct 2012

Ndot released CRM software as a beta version, the latest product from the stables of this pioneering mobile app and web application development company, helps organizations to develop and enhance their customer and employee relationship. In a sense, it gives proper and standard flow of information throughout the organization.


10 Aug 2012

Manufacturing industry is a huge sector which has a channelized uninterrupted routines or productions that are essentially important for the proper functioning of the industry. It involves many works which are hectic routines for the manufacturing industry. If any software could replace the whole manual management jobs, then it would be a welcoming hands from manufacturing industry.