Indhumathi D

12 Dec 2017

Enterprise mobility is a trending concept in recent years. It has taken new incarnation to disrupt the business world with improved and enhanced proficiency and has a proven record of transforming businesses. The global enterprise mobility market is expected to bring in $140 billion annually by 2020.


22 Apr 2016

There were days when a mobile phone needs to be charged for 10 hours to just speak a call for 30 minutes. Can you believe this? Yet, that’s true and this is the proof for the fact that mobile industry is getting upgraded. And, we call it the ‘App Effect’
Phones are now inseparable part of everyone. 2010 was the year when apps got popularized to the peak.


22 Feb 2016

Enterprise mobility has altered the way of working in the industries. Business tasks are made simple and time is saved in a great way. Every business is trying its luck in one or the other way to acquire enterprise mobility trends into their system.
With mobile phones becoming everything for people nowadays, the demand of mobile phones seems not to reduce.